IN A RECENT ISSUE of the American Spectator,  Prof. Angelo Codevilla wrote an excellent essay titled: “titled “America’s Ruling Class”. Carline Glick picks up that same theme, commenting on Codevilla’s thesis while shedding some light on Israeli politics, in that, “Houston we have a problem” as well.
The Left’s disdain for everyone not like themselves is the utmost in bigotry, and yes, when viewed through the prism of humanitarian racism, these same progressives are racists as well. In fact, they take great joy in keeping down the very people they claim to be supposedly supporting, and defending no less. They’re both gross hypocrites and thugs, for they care not for the “little guy” while they are all busy enriching themselves. KGS
Caroline Glick: “Codevilla predicts that a clash between the ruling class and the ruled in the US is just a matter of time, although he makes scant predictions or recommendations for how that clash will play itself out. Just so, the time has come for Israelis to confront our own ruling class and develop methods for weakening its chokehold on Israel’s domestic and foreign policy. 
For too long and to our unmitigated detriment Israelis have allowed a small unelected minority to dictate our national policies. The views and loyalties of this minority – like their counterparts in the US – are opposed to those of the majority of Israelis. 
If our democracy is to have meaning and if our lives and country are to be defended, we need to empower our elected leaders to stand up to those – like Brom, Speigel and Dekel -who work actively to subvert the principle of government by consent of the governed.”

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