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To bad that even Fox News has to be corrected for using political correct wording in its own articles. The group mentioned isn’t “anti-Immigration”, any more than the Dutch parliamentarian, Geert Wilders’ PVV party is. The former wants an end to illegal immigration, while the latter wants uncontrolled mass immigration to end. The feckless media hacks keep misinforming their readers that these people or groups are “anti-immigrant” while the opposite is true. KGS

Fox News: An anti-immigration anti-illegal immigration group is calling on the Obama administration to ensure a smooth exit for illegal immigrants who are trying to leave the U.S. due to the weak economy and Arizona’s strict new immigration lawn.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is urging U.S. citizens to pressure the Whitehouse and the Homeland Security Department to establish “safe departure” border checkpoints along the U.S. border for illegal immigrants so they can leave without fear of being detained or prosecuted for immigration crimes.
“The peaceful and gradual exodus of illegals from Arizona shows there is no need for comprehensive immigration reform amnesty,” William Gheen, president of the group, said in a written statement. “Comprehensive immigration enforcement works and has the desired effect without mass deportations.”
Gheen said the safe passage would ensure that illegals “leave in an orderly fashion, instead of trying risky desert crossings, paying money to the cartels for passage south, or fleeing to other states.”
“This is about the only situation we would ever advocate that our immigration laws be waived,” Gheen said. “We want to encourage the illegals to leave America on their own and thus we ask Obama to provide them safe passage out of America.” Neither the White House nor Homeland Security responded to e-mails seeking comment.

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  1. My question–just what is it about "illegal" that everyone does not understand?

  2. To answer your question, the immigration issue has and is being exploited by both political parties through massive PC and propaganda campaigns to to point where a practical or sane solution is becoming difficult at best. The Laws in place are very specific just not enforced or ignored. On the other hand the ICE agency is a bloated, inefficient, snail's pace organization and it takes months or years to get an answer or documentation from them.

  3. What kind of crap is that, what is it that common sense is not being looked at, do you really think, allowing ILLEGALS to go right back across the border (without no consequences is going to do anything) please….what part is, when the American Economy hopefully gets better, what part is, ILLEGALS Will come right back across the Border ILLEGALLY, Take care of the Laws first. Common sense. You dont get passes to Illegals to come over then, give them free passes to go back across the border then, another free pass, to come back across the border illegally, stop it with the nonsense.

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