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Thanks to Sweden, Israel and the Jews for posting this article, it shows that there are still some in Sweden who have not fallen sway to the dark side. The Tundra Tabloids hopes that any Swede, or someone visiting to Sweden that’s interested in helping out, will contact the Moderate Student Union’s chairman, Gustav Dymov, for more details. KGS

Positive news from Sweden: Students willing to replace anti-Israeli dockworkers.

Sweden often gives the impression that it is blinded by hatred of Israel. However in the last couple of weeks following the Ship to Gaza event, some signs of hope have appeared showing that not everybody refuses to see both sides of the story.
In a public statement, the student union of the ruling Moderate party (Fria Moderaternas Studentforbund) writes “We can unload the ships”.

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  1. I agree, this does suggest that there just might be some hope left for Sweden, as does this excellent article in the link below, written by Mats Tunehag, for The Wall Street Journal. The people in Europe and Swedes in particular, are definitely not spoilt by honest and balanced reporting on the Middle East conflict, so an article like this and furthermore by a Swedish journalist, exposing the anti-Israel bias in the country's foreign policy, vehemently practised during the term of office of the ardent anti-Semite, Carl Bildt, certainly is soothing for the mind to read. Enjoy!

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