Cat Crap Beans Fatwas


Islam, covering every aspect of life, even crappy coffee beans fermented in the bowels of a feline. KGS

Cat: Use the beans unwashed,
they taste much better that way.

Indonesia – Indonesian Ulema Allow Civet Coffee

After a long diatribe, the country’s highest Islamic authority has banned the “Kopi Luwak” coffee from beans partially digested by civet cats. One of the most expensive drinks in the world.
Jakarta (AsiaNews / Agencies) – The Indonesian Ulema Council – the highest Muslim religious authority in the country – has decided to allow the consumption of the most expensive coffee in the world, “Kopi Luwak”, despite being made from beans eaten, partly digested and then defecated by a small mammal, or the civet cat owl.
The discussion on the consumption of this drink has abounded in the Muslim world for years considered by the more hardlin wing “haram” forbidden in the religious sense and therefore unfit for consumption. But after the plenary meeting, the Council decided not to publish a fatwa banning the “civet coffee” to Muslims.

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