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The Tundra Tabloids sat in a train with Mark Juntunen, a researcher and Arab language translator who works for Helsinki University, the following day after the OIC Sec-Gen  made his ground breaking bigoted remarks about only non-Muslims can be anti-Semitic.
Juntunen, who by the way happens to be a rather nice fellow, was very much enthused about the Islamic concept of “taysir“, explaining that it holds the hope for the eventual moderation of Islam in Europe. The following article lays to rest that naive notion Juntunen was promoting, for taysir is just another means to confuse the enemy (the non-Muslim) while offering a temporary reprieve for the dutiful Muslim. KGS

Qaradawi: See, we accomodate….in
order to rule you later on that is.

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Raymond Ibrahim: “In other words, far from “liberalizing” Muslim life, taysir allows only for insincere conformity. As Qaradawi made clear, to practice taysir is not to renounce Sharia’s otherwise harsh obligations; it is to put them on hold till circumstances are more accommodating.”

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