Da big bad Jews……. 
NOTE: To bad the lying media doesn’t suffer the very same fate…….
Far-left spokesman for the Finnish communist youth group, Vasemmistonuorten, blogs at the Finnish tabloid Ilta-Lehti about the supposed ill “treatment” received by two of his anti-Israel activist buds, Marko Pajula and Petter Nissinen at the hands of the Israeli customs control.
After doing some initial research, it comes as little surprise that one of Koivulaakso’s buddies, Marko Pajula, works for the Finnish branch of Amnesty International. Shocker!
The Tundra Tabloids realizes that Finland barely registers as a speed bump in international relations and happenings, but this situation warrants some attention. The point here is that the Finnish government, regardless of the poor relations between its neighbors (Sweden & Norway) and the Jewish state, is not anti-Israel. 
Dan Koivulaakso, an anti-Israel/pro-Fakestinian leftist activist, is outraged that the Finnish MFA is not addressing the ten year ban placed upon the two fecal-heads for lying through their teeth about their reasons for their visit toIsrael.
Kudos to the Israeli customs dept. for sending these two rejects packing, who no doubt find the Hamas and Hezbollah suitable guest hosts. The TT translated only a few portions from the original post at Koivulaakso’s blog, the other stuff is just the same ol’ diatribe against the Jewish state, nothing new there. KGS
Dan Koivulaakso: Officially Finland, mainly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been silent on their citizens’ arbitrary treatment, although in Israel it’s an everyday occurrence.
– Petteri and Marko, what exactly does Finland ICAHD do?
ICAHD Finland is a politically independent human rights organization which promotes the end to the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and for Israel to abide by international law. This year, our organization has campaigned especially in Finland, to stop the arms trade between Finland and Israel.
[TT: They are yet another fake human rights organization that exists solely to deligitimize the Jewish state. They care nothing about the flow of arms to the Islamonazis that make open calls for the genocide of the Jews.]
– What you were going to do in Israel?
We were going to for example to do interviews and participate in a documentary project. We were questioning a passport check. During six hours of interrogation, we were asked among other things, our passwords to our emails, and when we didn’t agree to this, we were threatened with a ban of 10 years. Petteri was asked about whether he has contacts with the PLO and whether he has a camera.
Peter replied negatively and the interrogators told him he’s in trouble, because in their view, this meant that Peter refused to cooperate. ICAHD Finland have not been questioned about other than that the pages do not have pictures of Hamas rocket attacks.
[TT: If they were forth coming about their intended stay, Israeli customs would have let them through. They have every right to forbid useful stooges into their country if they pose a potential threat, these idiots show every indication that they wouldn’t find it morally troubling to overstate their experiences for propaganda gain and notoriety amongst their doofus comrades]
We are constantly accused of being liars regardless of the answers. At the end of the interrogations we were thrown into detention, which according to the security guard was not a prison. This is despite the fact that it was a sturdy locked door, a room of questionable condition, whose windows had bars. The ceiling had bright lights on all the time, which made sleeping difficult. With the exception of the single phone call made inside Israel, all contacts were banned. No justification was given for the treatment. The worst thing was the uncertainty about the future situation and the knowledge of the history of the treatment of Israeli human rights activists did not make the situation particularly tranquil.
[TT: Sounds like scenes straight from Midnight Express…not, it isn’t even close, nor could it be. Israel is a state governed by the rule of law, and judging by the details given, this is run of the mill handling that could have taken place in any one of Finland’s border crossings. Maybe that’s why the Finnish MFA isn’t taking it seriously.]
– Did you receive support from the Finnish Embassy?
We were allowed through them, to relay to our relatives that we were okay. We didn’t get any support, but they explained the official justification for the expulsion when we were back in Finland: a contradiction in the reason for travel,  because according to the authorities we didn’t reveal the real reason for the visit, whatever it was in their view. They also explained that we have ten years ban of entry.
[TT: Lets face facts, these clowns had mixed stories which means they had other reasons for coming to Israel, they were caught, vetted and then placed in temporary custody, then released with a ten year ban on their heads. Serves them right.]

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