Lars Vilks Mohamed


Over at the artist’s website, Lars Vilks pens a new drawing of the false prophet of allah’s Islam. This time he’s pictured as a paraplegic to bring home a lesson for all Muslims to learn from. Thanks to the Baron for catching this and Reinhard for the brief synopsis of Lars’ drawing. KGS

The post is about someone who’s active in the paraplegic community who wrote to Vilks, telling him that paraplegics are often discriminated against, but that DO (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen) rarely respond to such cases. So Vilks draws the prophet as a paraplegic and writes that if Muslims are upset by this, they need to learn to be more tolerant towards the paraplegic and not discriminate against a weak group in society.

5 Responses

  1. That worhtless sht ain't no paraplegic he's a pedophile pig fckn swine and nothing less.

  2. Strange drawing. Of course the muzzies will be upset.

  3. LMAO!!! I like the way Vilks thinks. Who cares if muslims are offended? They're the biggest culprits in the racial wars some of the most biggoted groups.

  4. The men of Islam are cowardly murderers of women for the simple reason that they are women.

    This bitter, and unbridled hatred of women by men in Islam reveals a sick, and aberrant psychosis driven by the urge to oppress, suppress, and murder anyone who is not like Muslim Men. And by the creation of Nature, women are definitely not like Muslim Men: women are not natural murderers.

    But this putrid 'tyranny' by Islamic Men is worse then that of a trained assassin, worse than a Mafia Hit Man, but definitely equals Joseph Mengele, the Nazi Doctor of Torture in the last century.

    It took Russia, all of Europe, and America to exterminate the likes of Mengele from the face of the earth.

    And perhaps, the spirit of Mengele reincarnated through the hideous tyranny of Muslim Men, will take a similar global effort to roll back in to the pit of hell Islam, back to where this ghoulish slime has oozed from.

  5. How about a cartoon of Mo' with dark glasses and a guide dog, being turned away at a cab rank by a muslim cabbie.

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