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no matter how you slice it, Kagan is not a Supreme Court justice material. The woman is a political hack of Obama’s, whose sole purpose is to ensure the future success of Zero’s socialist policies. One other strike against this hack nominee is her cuddly relationship to those who sponsor and support sharia law. Christine Brim over at’s Big PEace explains further. KGS

Kagan: I have nothing against sharia supporters,
whether they be in Pakistan or in the White House

Christine Brim at Breitbart’s Big Peace: It seemed, no doubt, the fashionable thing to do at the time, and as in all Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s close relationships with Islamic law and Shariah jurists, she may have just wanted to please her Saudi donors supporting Harvard’s Islamic Legal Studies Program when she was Harvard’s law school dean.

On March 9, 2007, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Chaudhry had been deposed by President General Pervez Musharraf in a complex dispute that included the issue of independence of the judiciary.  Protests ensued from Pakistani lawyers and judiciary.  On November 3, 2007, Musharraf dissolved the courts and parliament, and Chaudhry responded (each has his own power base) by ordering the country to disobey the order.  Within days,under Elena Kagan’s direction, the Harvard Law School Association awarded Chaudhry the prestigious “Harvard Law School Medal of Freedom” award, in-absentia.  A year later, November 19, 2008, Elena Kagan presented the award to  Chaudhry in person.   Musharraf later resigned, and on March 16, 2009, the Prime Minister Gilani  re-appointed Chaudhry as Chief Justice.
So far so good – except that Chief Justice Chaudhry, that Kagan worked to re-establish with Harvard Law School’s most prestigious award, is now imposing Shariah law on the rest of Pakistan’s government.

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  1. It's no surprise to any of us in the US any nominee for the Supreme Court selected by our "Dear Leader" and his commie cabal would have to have the same Big Government and Big Brother Marxist agenda. The Lunatic ,Leftist, Liberals love the Sharia Law concept because it's all about controlling the population at large. If these Lefties love it so much they should live in a despotic Muslim dictatorship for a year or two, if they have any brains they may even see the light. Who knows?

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