Oliver Stoned: Let’s face it, I am a complete farce of 
a director and I’m no historian, and Howard Zinn in my idol

Oliver Stoned: “My father was a Republican. And he hated Roosevelt. And that’s sort of been the battle of my life, I think. You have to understand that I grew up a Republican conservative. I hated Castro. And I put my money where my mouth was because I went to war, but I understood pretty quickly that this was another place, another culture, and we would never fit in there.

“It’s the same story in Afghanistan, Iraq and South America. It’s white people meeting people who they think they are better than. And I feel that this war is the war of my life. I’ve seen it over and over again and if I can do one thing with what’s left of my remaining years, it’s just to cry it out and say it, I hope, with enough entertainment that people will want see it.”

The man is a “soft tyranny statist” (Mark Levin’s terminology for those who believe in the great benefit of an all powerful state) and most likely a full fledged cultural Marxist who believes in a select group (cabal) of self deemed “elitists” who are wise enough to run all of our affairs. You know, just like Obama and his administration thinks.
The man has long used the silver screen to manipulate the audience into believing his Marxist world view of the supposed “evil” white Americans, who keep upsetting the apple cart for those who wish to drive the world into single governing world tyranny. The man is a statist through and through, and those who think like him will be thrilled with his next pile of steaming crap of a movie.
Oliver Stoned has been taking on US History for the past three years, with no due date for the not heavily awaited anti-US flick having been announced yet. What is is question here, is not a man who wants to honestly portray American history for a viewing audience, but an ideologically driven Marxist who wants his warped version of US history to pollute future generations long after he’s covered in dirt.
This is just another propaganda flick by a Marxist loving Hollywood . KGS

NOTE: The Guardian of course offers this jerk its pages in a powder puff interview because it subscribes to his world views as well.

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