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NED MAY: Below is the second part of a two-part article from Kurier about a multicultural school in Vienna. It was translated from the German by JLH. Our Austrian correspondent AMT, who tipped us about the article, has included a brief commentary following the translation. 
Kurier: There are nationalities at the VIS and also German-speaking children but more equitably distributed.
Riesinger: Yes, but how are supposed to solve that in Brigittenau? Maybe send a few children to the 13th or 18th district? I don’t think the parents would agree. Although they travel to Turkey and love the country.
Kurier: Are there crosses hanging in your classrooms?
Riesinger: In some yes, in others no. We never talked about that. St. Nicholas visits one year but not another. We have an Advent wreath and have Christmas singing, but also Christmas song from other countries or continents are sung. When so many nationalities are all pulling together, it is lovely.
Kurier: That is certainly a subject of interest to FP party leader Strache. And for many parents, cultural identity is important for their children.
Riesinger: Basically, I don’t listen to what Mr. Strache says. He is always talking about a parallel society. But we here are a together society. We have to integrate and hold together, not discriminate and exclude.
Kurier: So, is the suggestion of Mayor Häupl to create Islamic schools a stupid idea?
Riesinger: I would rather not comment on that.

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