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 Another whinning Muslim who calls himself, Koran, is upset by the burka ban, not by the fact that such a bag garment (the freedom sack?) is highly oppressive as it is offensive in the way it looks and what it represents. No, this whinner wants the French to uphold “human rights” and allow the oppressive bag to be seen on their streets. Fell free to weigh in your thoughts in the comment section. KGS

Quran has left a new comment on your post “FRANCE BANS THE BURKA…….”:

“To ban burka means Francis have no respect for Muslims or Islam. Stopping somebody from its religious culture and rules is against humanity. They shouldn’t bound people for their religion. Respect for every religion is very important.”

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  1. If the French are expected to respect Islam why is Islam not respecting other religions like Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism? Just read "Jihad Watch" or the "Winds of Jihad" to get a daily dose of murder,rape,toture and sheer brutality against Christians and Hindus in Pakistan,Bangladesh and Indonesia.

  2. No Bibles are allowed in S'audi Arabia. No new Churches or Synogogues may be built there. No Jews are allowed in the country. No non-Muslims in Mecca. Why is respect only a one-way street to Muslims?

  3. The concept of respect by Muslims for non Muslims is a non-starter.

    The non-Muslim is just a filthy kafir and the idea that the kafir is deserving of respect is alien to them.

    The Koran which devotes more than half its pages to the kafir makes that very clear.

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