VB’s Frank Vanhecke feeling the states pinch

This is something that those of us in the Counterjihad have spent an enormous amount of time debunking, the meme that the Vlams Belang are a bunch of statist, knuckle dragging neo-fascists who want a totalitarian state in place of the present ” egaltarian paradise on earth fantasy land” called Belgium.
Truth be told, Belgium as it stands, is a soft tyranny, and at times a brutal one as the above picture depicts, when VB members were acosted and manhandled in such a way by the Walloon (French speaking) members of the Belgian police force as they were talking to reporters on 9/11, during an assembly that was honoring the memory of those US citizens butchered on that fateful day.
The actual “Fascists” in question here are the hard core socialists who have managed to keep their grasp on power using every political trick in the book. The Social Democrats and their minions have been on the forefront in driving identity politics that underwrite their divide and rule agenda.
The policy of mass immigration of Muslim immigrants is done with the intention of shifting the demographic numbers of those who support the statist welfare state with the sole interest in quashing an separatist notions of the Flemish who pay for the whole project. The Flems, which support the VB in overwhelming numbers, are being demanded to support the status quo that will eventually ruin their culture and Flemish identity, all for the goal of keeping the welfare state alive for the French speaking Walloons.
That’s what is in question here, and those people with whom the Tundra Tabloids and many others in the Counterjihad movement have placed their trust, better get off the fence and come clean with the truth. Habitual fence sitters are a drain on the movement, you either buy into the meme(s) that the Left and the PC multicultural elite spin for the ignorant public (we are trying to enlighten), or you don’t.
The Baron at the Gates of Vienna has an excellent post about the latest barrage coming from all places, the National Review. The Baron, Pamela Geller at Atlas, Diana West and the rest of us in the Counterjihad know the truth about the VB and the smear campaign by the socialists to deligitimize them. The National Review needs to get its act together now and retract that hit piece of theirs and replace it with an article that reflects the truth. It’s the least that they can do. KGS
I’ve reported on several previous occasions about “The Meme That Would Not Die”. Every time I think it’s dead and buried, it claws its way out of the grave and walks abroad, trailing clods of dank earth.
I’m talking about the venerable canard that Vlaams Belang is “fascist”. Or, if you’re a bit fastidious, and don’t want to go all the way, Vlaams Belang is “neo-fascist”. Or maybe “neo-Nazi”, just to make sure the ghost of Auschwitz hovers in the air over your revenant totalitarian.

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