Obama is the most radical president ever elected into the White House, and what he’s doing is driving a stake into the very heart of the civil rights movement, and purposefully causing racial tensions as well as striving to build a class divide between the so called “haves and have nots”.
In this kind of political environment, socialist policies and a ruling elite can exist and thrive, to a point where all other competing ideologies are marginalized by default. If you’re not a social democrat, then you’re “a racist”. If you’re not for a totally egalitarian society, then you’re for robbing the poor which makes you a “greedy person”. 
Creating a class of people dependent on the government’s largesse used to be a “3rd world” thing, but not in Obama’s version of what’s best for America, no, he (and his backers) wants to implement whole scale corruption on a massive scale that will uproot the US from its constitutional foundations, all the while promising utopia to the ignorant and naive. KGS

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