From the Gates of Vienna, the Baron posts an excellent observation by his Dutch correspondent, H.Numan, concerning the immense power the Dutch monarchy under Queen Beatrix, and how it will effect the election victory for the Dutch PVV party guided by Mr.Geert Wilders.
The Queen is not in favor of Mr.Wilders nor his party of having any influence in the political governing of the country, she’s in favor of the socialists, who, contrary to public understanding, are more for maintaining the status quo, meaning the Dutch royalty and the political/financial oligarchs than for a party that advocates a smaller role for government and rights for the individual, than for groups rights and identity based politics.
H.Numan has some rather interesting details to tell about the Dutch Monarchy and truth be told, much of the same tomfoolery can be said of the Belgian, British monarchies as well. A constitutional monarchy is not such a bad deal if the right leader and traditions are in order, but if a series of highly corrupted individuals like Queen Beatrix is in ‘power’ then it’s a disaster. The Muslim supporting Prince of Wales is one prime example of that. KGS

The Invisible Power of the Queen

I read that some people are surprised about what is going on in the Netherlands. The PVV won massively, but they won’t be invited into a new cabinet. There are many reasons for that. The two most important ones: the establishment doesn’t want it. And most important: the queen doesn’t want it.

Queen Beatrix

The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy. True enough. However, if the queen had slightly more power, one would have to call it an absolute monarchy. Ironic, as The Republic of the United Netherlands was one of the oldest republics in the world… 
When The Netherlands became a kingdom in 1813, king William I accepted a constitution only grudgingly. He wanted to rule as an absolute monarch. In 1848 Thorbecke saved king William II from hanging by having him adopt a new concept: the king doesn’t rule anymore, but reigns. From then on, the government was responsible for governing, not the king himself. 
But… that is just appearance. In reality, the queen has an immense influence on politics. Queen Beatrix is one of the richest women in Europe. Her personal assets are estimated between 6 and 14 billion euros. She can therefore influence matters indirectly. She is well known for using state assets privately. Such as the AIVD to investigate someone she doesn’t personally like. Or using a navy yard to maintain her royal yacht. But it goes even further than that. Several letterbox companies on the Channel Island have as an address Noordeinde Palace (Tulip and Daffodil Co., Ltd.)… That’s tax evasion at best, or money laundering at worst.
The wealth of the queen shows up occasionally: Dutch royal scandals never appear in Dutch media, unless they have been published elsewhere first, notably in Bild Zeitung. The Dutch royals enjoy far more privacy from the media than any other rich and famous people on earth. Does the queen, by sheer coincidence of course, own shares in most media companies? Who knows? 

Read it all here.

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