But have no fear, the report comes with the usual caveats that the Islamic community doesn’t support terrorism or Islamic extremism….all the while Sheik Mohamed Qaradawi’s speeches on tape and direct video are available at many mosques and websites here in Finland. No we’re led to believe by the likes of Martikainen that Islam in Finland is one of peace and understanding…all the while messages of hate and intolerance abound in many of the mosques where Qaradawi’s and like ilk are being spread. Yeah…riiiiight. KGS

YLE: A researcher at the University of Helsinki, Tuomas Martikainen, says radical Muslims are probably also to be found in Finland. However, he says they remain inactive and would not be found in mosques. Finland’s islamic community has completely condemned terrorism.
In a YLE interview, Martikainen said it is likely that individuals exist in Finland who support terrorism and who have perhaps supported such action elsewhere in the world. The Finnish Security Police has not commented on the claim which follows the arrest last Thursday of three people in Norway on suspicion of planning terrorist acts.
Finland’s Islamic community currently numbers 45,000. Some 40 mosques operate in the country. Martikainen does not believe mosques attract radicals to their doors.
“I am convinced security officials monitor what is said in mosques and, for this reason, only a very simple person would express a differing opinion there,” says Martikainen.
Finland’s Muslim community condemns terrorism without reservation. The Chairman of the Finnish Islamic Council (SINE), Abdi-Hakim Yasin Arase says any other interpretation is incorrect.
Arase hopes for greater openness between Muslims and the rest of Finnish society.
“The Muslim community is part of this society. If something happened, which we naturally do not want, it would also affect us. Terrorists do not distinguish between who they wish to destroy or kill,” Arase emphasizes.

NOTE:  This researcher is convinced…but offers no proof whatsoever that Finnish officials are indeed aware or even cognizant of Arabic, let alone of the Qaradawi influence. There are SINE officials who have never condemned outright sharia law and the institution of Jihad, which makes them a clear and present danger. Arase is a lying propagandist and the researcher Martikainen a boob.

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