This tv interview of the three artists who drew the picture of Mohamed is excellent, for it accurately portrays the mindset of the men who drew the pics, as well as the mindset of the imaam in Oulu who still fails to understand the rational reason behind the drawing of them. It’s also interesting to note that the Imaam doesn’t speak Finnish, and has a big zebiba on his forehead, something of which is the result of repeated slamming of the forehead to the floor in fervent prayer. 

The three men, Finland’s Ville Ranta, with whom the TT has made contact earlier, the Swede, Lars Vilks, with whom the TT interviewed in 2008, and Denmark’s Kurt Westergard, are interviewed by the YLE journalist and then asked to draw their response to the individual question posed to each of them from the imaam in Oulu Finland. It’s an interesting segment. KGS
NOTE: Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for doing the subtitling, Steen for finding this and the Baron from the Gates of Vienna for proof reading the text, the Tundra Tabloids did the translations.

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