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This is big news, and this Christian is one savvy representative of the type of activism that will help stop government officials from further slipping into a stupified dhimmitude. The man is more than just articulate, he’s sharp as a tack and spot on in every bit of the details, and therefore a formidable foe to the supporters of Islamic law, or sharia. This is a great video so keep in tuned to the facts as they develope. KGS


An Open Message to Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad

Welcome to Dearborn, the city where Muslims are free to assault Christians, where hate messages abound, where Christians are arrested for holding discussions on public streets, where police harass and bully Christians who try to distribute copies of the Gospel. Leading the charge for Sharia in Dearborn is Police Chief Ronald Haddad, who refuses to return our illegally seized video cameras. As of this posting, it’s been two and a half weeks since Haddad’s officers stole thousands of dollars worth of video equipment, and more than two weeks since he was informed that his actions were illegal. There’s been no response from Haddad yet. Please help me publicize his campaign against the Constitution.

2 Responses

  1. This is about the most disturbing story I have read in the past twelve months from the USA.

    How did Haddad ever become Police Chief?

    David Wood is to be congratulated for his articlate and precise response to the outrageous actions of Haddad's goons.

    I give David 10/10 for integrity and sisu in this matter.

    It would be great to shake his hand.

    Good work David.

    Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention KGS!

    I hope you have been able to keep dry in the recent Helsinki deluge too!

  2. I come from a third world country and I watched with amazing fascination of the three of you being manhandled by Muslim security goons and the Dearborn police. This is happening in America the land of the free. Maybe the people of West can understand how the police treat non-Muslim minorities in Muslim majority countries like Malaysia,Indonesia,Bangladesh and Pakistan. If the Christians can be treated like this with impunity in the good old USA imagine how the police treat the Christians in a country like Pakistan.

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