Finnish Immigration Concerns YLE


”Ingrians are close to Finns, so we have an easier time understanding Finns than for instance Somalis or other Europeans. But in my opinion, integration has a great deal to do with the individual.”

In part this is correct, integration has a lot to do with the individual, but it also has a lot to do with the community in which the individual resides, and the state’s own policies that help reinforce non-integrating tendencies.
Muslims living in the west are finding themselves increasingly under pressure to conform to Islamic values and culture. Many Muslims find themselves not having the freedom to be secular, especially if the host state is turning a blind eye to their plight, so it’s crucial for the state to set the terms straight away and not back away from them.
So it’s highly ridiculous, especially now, for the Finnish state to allow the immigration of people who are truly alien to its own society, and at the same time submit legislation that would effectively end the right for ethnic Finns to immigrate to Finland. Moronic is an understatement. KGS
YLE: Ethnic Finns from the former Soviet Union could lose their right return to Finland in the coming years. Over the past three decades, an estimated 30,000 Ingrian Finns have moved to Finland.
Currently, tens of thousands of Ingrians are waiting for their applications to be processed. It can take as long as a decade for a decision to be made.
In 1990, then-President Mauno Koivisto said that Ingrians – who are ethnic Finns – deserve the right to return to Finland. Ingrians and their children are eligible to immigrate to Finland if they pass a language exam and have a place to live.
However, a working group from the Ministry of the Interior proposed in May that Ingrians should no longer be allowed to apply for immigration by the year 2016. The proposal is to go before Parliament in the autumn.
Laine Huttunen, the director of Finland’s Ingrian Centre, says the proposal is pointless.
“The group of Ingrian returnees will eventually disappear. There are not that many Ingrians in Russia who want to move here. Those who do want to move to Finland have most certainly applied.”

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