Erdogan: When we kill Kurds, just remember
it’s Muslim on Muslim violence and turn the page

It’s only news when Israel kills terrorists. KGS

Turkey’s cycle of violence

Monday’s bombing of a military bus in Istanbul was the latest flashpoint in an escalating cycle of violence between Kurdish fighters and the Turkish military.
The location was unusual – fighting usually occurs in rural parts of southeastern Turkey – but scores of people have been killed in more than a dozen attacks over the last three months.
It’s a stark reversal from last summer, when Abdullah Ocalan, the jailed leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) – the main anti-government group – was talking about a “road map” for peace talks with the Turkish government.
Ankara responded with a few conciliatory gestures: State-run television launched a Kurdish-language channel, and the government promised economic reforms and greater civil rights for Turkey’s estimated 14 million ethnic Kurds, who have suffered systematic discrimination for decades.
One year later, those political changes have stalled, and the ceasefire has very much ended. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, vowed earlier this week that Kurdish fighters will “drown in their own blood”, and explicitly ruled out peace talks with Ocalan or the PKK.

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