Well it’s a welcome sign, but more draconian methods need to be taken if the UK is to reverse the disaster successive Labour governments have created, in their drive to create a “multicultural Britain” through mass immigration. Multiculturalism is a disaster, a home breaker, an ethnic sledgehammer that shatters healthy cohesive societies into smithereens, which each piece (ethnic community) vying for the government’s (socialist) handout that it gladly doles out.
There is no better way for any government to increase its role in society, than for it to promote a multicultural policy, for it fosters competition between the different ethnic groups where none should exist. That’s the beauty in the difference of the “melting pot society” in the US, which the Democrats and some RINO Republicans seem intent on changing, through the mass influx of Mexicans into America.
The US’s system of being an American first, and whatever the ethnic background second, has built a strong social fabric that the multiculturalists in the States are intent on destroying. That more than anything else, which can be easily seen in the Mexican illegal immigration discourse and Islamic sharia activism, will severely damage American society. It must be fought against tooth and nail.
As far as the UK is concerned, they have already passed the tipping point. Having for decades embarked on the highly destructive policies founded on multiculturalism, the UK can only regain its nation back through stripping every last vestige of PC thinking, strict limited immigration, reduction in government, ridding itself of socialism and promote British culture as the dominate culture. Outside of those measures, I see very little hope in reversing the trend of its eventual destruction. KGS

At last there’s hope on mass migration

Nothing so sharply divided the last government from the people it was meant to represent than mass, uncontrolled immigration.
In poll after poll, some 80 per cent of ordinary Britons made clear their deep concern over the impact of Labour’s open-door policy on jobs, housing, public services and social cohesion.
Yet for years, this huge majority was simply ignored – or dismissed as ‘racist’ for worrying about the most dramatic demographic upheaval in our history.
As the Home Office says: ‘Migrants should only be brought in where every reasonable avenue to recruit a resident worker has been exhausted.’
Meanwhile, Mrs May proposes a range of other measures to cut migrant numbers – including a promise to take the social impact of immigration into account when the Government sets its permanent cap on non-EU settlers next year.

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