European socialism is once again knocking on our doors
soon my children, it will be time for us to move on.
This is what’s really happening. A traditionally anti-Semitic Europe that allowed more than 6 million Jews to be butchered at the hands of National Socialism, are now turning a blind eye to the anti-Semitism of the people whom they have allowed to replace these murdered Jews, in numbers almost ten times that of those who were butchered by the Nazis.
Europe is once again toying with the lives of Jews both domestically and in Israel, through policies that defy rational thinking and logic (anti-Semitism never is) in order to placate the mass number of Jew haters they have allowed to migrate to their cities.
It’s not Muslims that are feeling the pinch, no matter how loud they bleat, no it’s the Jews, many of whom are suffering in silence, through either keeping a low profile or through packing their bags and moving elsewhere. The Tundra Tabloids personally knows some that have.
It seems that Europe can’t get enough of that damn socialism, in which both variants, International Marxist socialism and German Nationalist socialism have been responsible for the mass murder of the untold numbers of innocent people over the past century.
Now the European Social Democrats, architects of the softer, gentler kind of tyranny, called “Social Democracy”, think they have got it right this time around, but again, this modern version of Marxist/Hitler socialism do not have it right, not even close. Their rejection of a liberal democracy with an economy solidly based on the free market model, -something of which the US at one time represented before the disaster of the Wilson and the Roosevelt years- will once again lead to the victimization of the Jews.
The only way to beat the rabid dog of anti-Semitism, and any other kind of bigotry and racism, is to allow free market forces, capitalism, individualism, private property rights etc., to reenergize society. Socialism has to be defeated once and for all, if not, Europe, and soon the US, will see ethnic strife and division once more, with the Jews feeling the brunt of the unrest first.
Remember, it’s always the Jew first, they are the canary in the coal mine, how they fare, tells the health of society. KGS
NOTE: Adolf Hitler: “how can one be a socialist and not be anti-Semitic?”
DeVolkskrant:A society that allows a whole group of people to be forced to hide, under threat of ridicule or worse, undermines itself.”
BNFTN: Elise Friedman, an expert in anti-Semitism at the Israel Information and Documentation Center (CIDI), has said that anti-Semitism in the Netherlands is a continuous destructive process and should not be presented as an epidemic. She points out that there was an increase in the number of attacks against visible Jews ten years ago.
The lack of public outcry against this anti-Semitism indicated that society had already begun the process of its acceptance.
In 2001 CIDI already noted that congregants of two synagogues were insulted and even threatened with knives by 15-40 year old Moroccans. Friedman adds that the Netherlands have made themselves look ridiculous internationally because they cannot protect their citizens of whatever origin.

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