A victim of Hamas child abuse:
This is the only kind of game we get to play
Theses Islamic supremacists can’t stand fun, so it stands to reason that their children won’t be allowed to enjoy life either. Upset over toys, games, sports and lectures on human rights, Hamas, or affliates of Hamas (no real difference actually) ripped up the summer camp set up by the UN for the children of Gaza.
These are the people the West is demanding the Israelis to make peace with, regardless of their barbarism and agenda for the destruction of Israel. Only half wits and ignoramuses would see a chance for making real peace with these genocidal maniacs. KGS

H/T Harri

NOTE: From al-Jizz, not the most reliable news service, but in this case it’ll have to do.

Ugh. It seems that a group of some 20 masked gunmen (TT: Islamic supremacist terrorists) stormed a UN-administered summer camp in Gaza and vandalized the place. They tied up the guard and left a note threatening the United Nations in Gaza.
The UN Relief And Works Agency runs summer camps for Gaza’s children. According to this New York Times piece, Hamas also runs some camps, but unlike the Hamas-camps, the UN programs are not religious and instead focus on ” painting, singing and swimming.” Hamas is not believed to be behind the attack, though.
NOTE: There is nothing in the reports that would indicate Hamas is not behind the attack. Regardless, those responsible for the deed are fellow travellers of the Hamas.

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