Immigration US-Mexican border


Gov.Richardson: Obama and I want as many Mexican illegals as registered Democrat voters as possible, before we think about closing off the border with Mexico.
The way the man talks he acts as if he’s governor of the Mexican state of Chihuahua instead of New Mexico, in fact, he not only acts like it, he looks like it too. The man Richardson is a disgrace, as much of a disgrace as the president of the United States, for lying through his teeth about the Arizona immigration law.
In the video below, Richardson states that it’s not Obama’s fault that the border is being over run by illegals, because there isn’t “a comprehensive immigration plan” in force. What a load of garbage, it’s the president’s constitutional duty to defend the borders first, that’s his first priority, giving amnesty to a bunch of lawbreaking illegal aliens does nothing to solve the problem of a proous border.
These moronic Democrats are hoping to cash in on the badly needed votes these potential future US citizens will give them once they’re given amnesty and allowed to file papers for citizenship. The only remedy is to send them all packing, including children born inside the US, and let them file for papers in Mexico.
Rounding them all up will take time and money, and the bill should be sent to the Mexican president to be paid by his government for allowing illegal immigration, which has become a shadow Mexican government policy in the first place, due to their inactivity to control their own side of the border. KGS

NOTE: The very law this moron calls unconstitutional, mirrors an existing federal law meant to curb illegal immigration, which makes the nonsense spilling from this guy’s mouth all the more repugnant.

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