Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Gay Morons


They should be air dropped in their gay pride costumes into the heart of Ramallah and Gaza city, and then filmed from helicopters circling above. The idiocy of the far Left knows no bounds. KGS

NOTE: Thanks to Vlad for the heads up on this one.

Vlad: First let me make my terms clear. Below, a 12 minute video clip by one of my favorite analysts in the new media, Bill Whittle, who explains what exactly the narrative is and where it came from. His clip is 12 minutes long. Please watch it if you have not already. At the and of his 12 minutes I attached the specific video clip he recommended for those who wish to know more.

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In this context I hope the title makes sense. Blazing Cat Fur was kind enough to send me a link to their site of an article about how at the last moment, ‘Queers Against Israeli Apartheid’ is going to be allowed to march in this years ‘Gay Pride’ festival.

I find this interesting. First, presumably the marches were for the establishment of equal rights for homosexuals before the law. An understandable goal for a liberal society and in the context of real equal rights (as opposed to systemic discrimination such as affirmative action etc) a critically important one.
Then, at least it appears to me, the marches having achieved all their goals at least in Canada became celebrations of pure hedonism. At one level fun and eclectic, at another, a thorn in the side of those more conservative minded people who feel that sexuality should have some modesty and social responsibilities attached.
Even so, it was a livable balance.
However the power of the Anti Israel and often if not always, a stone’s throw away from anti-Semetic narrative is so powerful, that Homosexuals have fought for the ‘right’ to march against the one state in the entire Middle east, and probably although I am not certain all of South Asia, who actually do not murder homosexuals merely for being such.


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