Helsinki Pro-Israel Rally 2010


A couple of weeks ago a pro-Israel rally was held in the heart of Helsinki, here are a few more pictures Tundra Tabloids reader, Leena, sent the TT. Many thanks to all who joined in. KGS
Sign reads: The security fence stops terror strikes
KGS and the Israeli Ambassador, Avi Granot

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  1. these photos are fake ones. every year they come over fin'(israeli teens),and try to deceive our ppl with fake items!, if i”ll see one of those fags ,knock on my door again i swear ill kick he”s ass!!!!

    1. i know for a fact that there are a’lot of israeli guys,come over and try to sell me carp! i don’t understand that shit! the occupation over gaza is not enough for them?!

      1. Your IP says that you’re in Israel, doesn’t it make your statement to appear to be a bit…..stupid?

    2. Your comment is incoherent. What in the hell are you talking about?

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