If Obama had his way, he would sack the whole Republican senate. The man is incapable of telling the truth, from the moment he opens his mouth till he slams it shut. Arizona senator, John McCain, defends his fellow Republican senator who insisted that Obama conditioned securing the US border with Mexico with an immigration “reform” bill.
The US president’s primary job is the safety and security of the United States, something that this jackass either fails to comprehend or cares little about. Like the Social Democrats in Europe, Obama sees an endless stream of illegal Mexicans as a potential voting base for the Democrats, as well as a means to turn the US melting pot into a multi-cultural mess, by pitting one ethnic group against the other.
This is what the statists want, complete control over the “masses”, with every kind of ethnic, social group vying for the government’s ear to help with “their cause”.  America simply can’t afford to allow multi-culturalism madness to take root on it shores, it would rip the fabric which binds it together.
The melting pot makes a new citizen (an American first) out of many, while multi-culturalism accentuates the differences between the peoples and fractures society, and that’s what the cultural Marxists want, a badly divided society, because it keeps different groups fighting against the other and provides a role for an ever expanding government as a perpetual mediator. KGS

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