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Photos from the “Islamic Conference to Save Gaza” held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. the 21st International Conference on Islamic Unity. Israel has nothing to worry about… 
UPDATE: From Israellycool blog. Further investigation of the source blog of these photos reveals they were taken at the 21st International Conference on Islamic Unity, and not the “Islamic Conference to Save Gaza” as was posted at the blog cited in my post below.
I am all for pointing out the Arab and Muslim apathy towards the “palestinian cause” (they don’t truly care for the palestinians, but rather use them as a tool to attack Israel) , but I won’t do it based on dishonesty. Having said that, it’s good to see the Arab approach towards unity demonstrates the same kind of apathy.

H/T Sanna

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  1. What a bunch of losers. There is hope for the infidels!

  2. When these bums in dirty nightshirts go back to their respective Islamic hellholes they will lie to their constituents with the usual bluster and BS.

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