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Jesper Langballe: If you think you can handle the truth,
then make my day if you must. Just remember I have the facts

This works of course, only if its a fair and honest proceeding. Geert Wilders’s case comes to mind which leads me to believe that Langbelle faces a farce of a show trial, but all the best to him, he’s a hero in my book. KGS

Anti-Muslim Danish MP faces charges

Jesper Langballe, a veteran member of the Danish People’s Party (PPD), a crucial ally of the centre-right government, wrote in a newspaper column published in January that “Muslims kill their daughters (over crimes of honour) and turn a blind eye while they are raped by their uncles”.
The column, which discussed the status of women in Islam and the “Islamisation of Europe”, triggered a political storm and his comments were condemned by Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmusse
The Crown Prosecutor decided to pursue Langballe on the grounds that his comments broke anti-racism laws, and sought the lifting of his parliamentary immunity.
The PPD, with the exception of Langballe, abstained from Wednesday’s vote, split between a desire to respect the law and its opposition to the anti-racism provisions, which it says go against freedom of expression.
Langballe himself voted for the lifting of immunity, as he wishes to prove the truth of his comments in court, according to Danish parliamentary television.
The date of the trial has not been set.

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