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While the Tundra Tabloids applauds this American patriot, Gary Faulkner, for wanting to do what the US government has promised to do since 9/11, he should have just stayed home. Osama Bin-Laden is dead. However, on second thought, perhaps Faulkner should be given the  Zawahiri file, and given the legality and the necessary funding to dispatch that terrorist from the land of the living as well.  KGS

NOTE: It’s not by accident that the Pakistanis were laughing at this guy, the Taliban is getting logistical support and funding from the Pakistani government.

‘I’m here to behead Bin Laden’: Pakistan police arrest U.S. builder with sword on solo mission to kill Al Qaeda leader

He had suffered a personal loss in the September 11 attacks and wanted revenge.
So Gary Faulkner set off from his California home to Afghanistan to find and ‘decapitate’ Osama bin Laden – all by himself.
The construction packed up his kit, which included a 40-inch sword, night vision goggles and a book of Christian works and teachings.

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