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Fuad Ramiqi: When it’s jihad, even the
 most secular of Muslims get their blood up

This interesting tidbit managed to sneak past the Tundra Tabloids’ radar screen during the height of the Flotilla of the Huns incident. It just so happens that the president of the Muslim Forum of Kosovo, Fuad Ramiqi, couldn’t be kept away from participating in the busting of the Gaza weapons blockade being put together by the Turkish government.
This speaks very loudly of the false meme being disseminated by the supporters of Multiculturalism that Bosnia/Kosovo Muslims are moderate. It also speaks loudly of the pull the Turks are having over their former Muslim satellites from the old Ottoman empire. Blow the horn of jihad and you’ll get these so called “moderates” running to your side. KGS
Thanks for the hat tip, Reinhard.
NOTE: Read also: The Balkan Connection to the Ottoman Flotilla by Julia Gorin
During the raid on the Muslim terror ship, Israeli commandos have arrested a Bosnian Muslim national. His name is Yasser Mohamad Sabbagh and he is of the Syrian origin and he is pictured on the left. […] The Kosovo Albanian arrested by Israel is Ramiqi Fuad President of Muslim Forum of Kosova and he said to Sabbagh.

Now to the main story that’s directly related to the above.

 From Kosovo to Gaza

Islamist radicals continue their efforts to penetrate every country where Muslims live. 

Kosovo media have reported that an Islamist ideologue from that country, Fuad Ramiqi, was among the participants in the ill-fated attempt to break Israel’s naval blockade at Gaza. Ramiqi was joined by three Albanian Muslims from Macedonia–Sami Emini, Jasmin Rexhepi, and Sead Asipi.
Fuad Ramiqi is the representative in Kosovo of the European Muslim Network, a fundamentalist organization headed by the Egyptian-born, Qatar-based cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi and the academic Tariq Ramadan. Al-Qaradawi and Ramadan are leading figures in the radical Muslim Brotherhood, which as Thomas Joscelyn has noted, had enough links with the Gaza incident for it to be considered a Brotherhood operation. Hamas is the Palestinian branch of the Brotherhood, and Ramadan is the grandson of Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna.
Ramiqi, a soldier in the Yugoslav army who joined the Bosnian army during the 1992-95 war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, runs his own Brotherhood franchise, the Muslim Forum of Kosovo (MFK), created in 2006. In the days following the Gaza blockade clash, Ramiqi’s group apparently preferred to keep silent on his involvement. But a 2007 document in English on its website attests to its ideology. The group denounced a Kosovo public school principal who had criticized two 12th-grade girls for wearing the Islamic headscarf in class. Kosovo’s ban on the headscarf in public schools is paralleled by police orders to track and arrest Islamist radicals.

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  1. Now I dont know whether it was the fault of israelis assaulting civilians in international waters or the humanitarian civilians are the criminals. Please stop trying to poison ppl by these stories and get to the truth coz even you know that what you wrote here is a big lie and serves no good. We will all one day testify in front of Allmighty for our deeds. Spreading hate and lies in here helps no one but injustice. I therefore recommend you to be fair.

    1. Hey Argon, no matter how you slice it, the IDF were acting legally against a bunch of thugs with slingshots and metal bars and knives and yes, guns. The IDF did not assault civilians, only those who were out on the main decks in full gas masks swinging metal chains, and assaulting troops coming down on ropes. You are either ignorant of what you speak, or a trying to spread a false meme.

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