When you thank the Taliban for all your jihadist inspiration,
thank also the Pakistani ISI!

Only the clueless in the lame stream media would be surprised by such a finding, it’s been well known for years that, ISI, -which ironically means daddy in Finnish- has been taking care of the Taliban on the US’s own dime. This is why the MSM is called lame. KGS

Pakistan’s spy agency is said to collaborate with the Taliban

Among the assertions in a new report: It’s government policy to support the insurgency in Afghanistan, and the agency is ‘involved at the highest level of the movement.’ The claims are the strongest yet.
Reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan —
Pakistan’s powerful intelligence agency not only funds and trains Taliban insurgents fighting U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, but also maintains its own representation on the insurgency’s leadership council, claims a new report issued by the London School of Economics.
Assertions that Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence, continues to nurture links with the Afghan Taliban are not new. But the scope of that relationship claimed by the report’s author, Matt Waldman, is startling and could prove damaging to the fragile alliance Washington is trying to foster with Pakistan, its military establishment, and its weak civilian government led by President Asif Ali Zardari.

More here.

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