Iran Weapons Blockade of Gaza


If the story pans out, then Iran is definitely raising the ante with the Jewish state, because if you think that the jihadi Turks who methodically prepared their assault on IDF troops were a bunch a fanatics, you can be assured that the jihadis soon making their way to Gaza are ten times the fanatics of the Milli Gurus, IHH and the Turkish Neo-Fascists, the Grey Wolves.
The only ones blocking their way to Gaza are the Egyptians, because the ships have to traverse through the Suez canal. Though it looks highly doubtful that Cairo would allow them passage, one has to question what will happen if they do? KGS

Two ships to leave this week; 100,000 volunteered to travel to Gaza.

The Iranian Red Crescent has equipped and loaded two ships with aid, and is waiting for permission from the Iranian Foreign Ministry to set sail for Gaza, AFP reported on Sunday. A third ship is planned for next week.
An Iranian Red Crescent official, Mojtaba Majd, was quoted as saying that over 100,000 Iranians have volunteered to sail on the ships. He said that the problems involved may prevent Iran from sending volunteers, however “the important issue is that the people of Gaza know that more than 100,000 Iranians are ready to come to their help.”

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  1. Gazans are being made fools of, and Iran, by upping the ante for obviously political and not humanitarian reasons, is the biggest hypocrite of all.

    What a joke.

    In the meantime, same rules, divert to Ashdod or Eqypt, no paintball guns from Toys 'r Us this time.

  2. Hi Dallas, this time around the rules of engagement will be different…no taking a Muslims word at face value.

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