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Anne Frank: You mean they still haven’t learned?
The Tundra Tabloids received this piece of news from the Bad News from the Netherlands blog. All the time we hear from the OIC about the supposed Islamophobia spreading throughout the globe, while real victims of hatred and bigotry, Jews, being persecuted just because they are Jews, is a common day reality.
Time to end the charade. The day Jews are able to walk around anywhere in Europe, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, unmolested, is the day that bigotry and racism in general is an outmoded phenomenon. It’s better to face the facts, Muslims are not being persecuted in Europe, but the Jews are, with most of it coming from the Islamic community and the Left (Neo-Communists and Neo-Fascists). KGS

Weesp: Synagogue Service Cancelled Due to Threats

The synagogue in Weesp cancelled its service last Saturday after the police informed members about threats received. The threats are believed to be related to the Israeli attack on the Gaza flotilla.
The chairman of the Jewish community in the town which is Masorti (i.e. Conservative) Nicky Cohen said that the synagogue has standard security but in this case it possibly would not have been sufficient.
(Comment: This is probably the first time since World War II that a synagogue service had to be entirely cancelled in Western Europe. In 2006 in the Swedish town of Malmö once a service could not take place in the synagogue but it was then moved elsewhere.).

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  1. Just remember it started with the Jews, but it did not end with the Jews. Just think after the Jews who is next? Food for thought. History repeating itself under a new guise.

  2. Jews are the canary in the coal mine, if they are threatened, it speaks ill of the society in question.

  3. Too many left-wing ideologues apparently prefer dead Jews to Jews who fight for lives and their land. According to lovers of the peace (of the grave) for Jews, 10,000 rockets shot into Israeli towns are to be welcomed by opening the borders so that currently unemployed suicide bombers can continue their work. The threats of annihilation by wonderous Iran, Hamas, Al-Qaeda are also to be considered as further overtures to peace (of the grave) for Jews.

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