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The Turks are awash in Islamic fundamentalism and Leftist Neo-Fascism, they all hate Jews, Israel and the West, and as the Tundra Tabloids reported earlier, the Grey Wolves, a Turkish Neo-Fascist group was on board the Mavi Marama. The Left, which means the Neo-Communists and the Neo-Fascists have made an alliance for all to see.
Only the willfully blind (moderate Leftists) refuse to see it. Time to end the charade and start calling things as they are, the Tundra Tabloids, as well as others, have been doing just that. It’s time for the media who reads these posts (you know who you are) to start addressing this alliance and start investigating it. KGS
Document.NO: The Islamist Saad party held a large anti-Israeli demonstration in Istanbul on Saturday. This image comes from Armenian sources. International agencies seem not to emphasize the darker aspects of the Islamists. Is it because of their power?
The swastika can wave during a public demonstration says a lot about the protesters, organizers, but also society and the political elite. This indicates acceptance.
“On June 5, at a demonstration organized in Istanbul by the Islamic Saadet Party, one of the banners read, in Turkish: “Legendary leader Hitler, our patience is running out, we need your spirit.” The incident was just one of countless anti-Semitic statements, slogans, and banners made during rallies in Turkey after the Israeli attack on the flotilla of ships attempting to break the blockade on Gaza.”

Turkish Jihadis and Turkish Neo-Nazis work together:

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  1. Why are only German networks performing in-depth reporting like this? I have seen nothing out of France or the UK, and its about the same in the US.

    Turkey has definitely joined the Syrian/Iranian axis. This is a major re-alignment that vastly increases Muslim state support for the worldwide Islamic jihad. Their agenda is worldwide, and the West sits on its hands and won't name the enemy.

  2. Good question Arius. The German networks have been all over this, perhaps it's their deeper understanding about what anti-Semitism does when it gets out of control, that allows them to be more alert?


  3. Please do not think ill of Turks. Surely you must realise stupidity is everywhere in the world and in a country with a population over 77 million ppl you can’t prevent this from happening… Every country has its right wing fundamentalists who are racist. You should define them as racists who happen to live in Turkey as racists are everywhere on the planet. You’ve got good and bad ppl all over the world.

    I do think however that in some regions of the world or in some communities racism is less or not present, like for example in the Alevi community which number in the 20 millions in Turkey who have protected and sheltered Armenians and Jews during WWI and WWII and have always been the victim of these ‘Grey Wolves’ themselves… The Alevis are Turks too… As for the Sunni Turks aswell, during the Holocaust some 115 000 Jews were saved by Turkish efforts (please see full detail on ‘Desperate Hours’ a documentary by Victoria Barrett). And during the Ottoman empire, when all jews were expelled from Spain and other parts of Europe, Turkey had invited them to come and live with us….

    My point is once again, you have good and bad ppl in this world. You have described the Turks as nationalists though nothing is black and white…. Almost everything is grey… Please try to look at everyone as an individual, as if you were blindfolded, don’t look at their origins, because being a bad person or being a killer is already bad in itself, what does it matter then where one is from? If you are a racist then that is what you are, you don’t look at ones hight or the colour of their T-shirt or any other absurd detail so why would you look at their nationality?

    I know that you won’t publish this as I’m sure you have a strong opinion about this matter and what I’ve just said is not the kind of thing you want to hear perhaps…

    I am wondering however if you live in Turkey yourself or have ever been there before? And if so, were you treated badly and in what way?

    a Turk

    a Turk

    1. B, thanks for your response. I said that they are operating freely in Turkey, which they clearly are. What groups are there that mount campaigns against them? As for Islamic fundamentalism on the rise in Turkey, it’s undeniable. I don’t need to count the headscarves in the streets and now in the universities to prove my point, I just have to notice the end of slaughterhouses servicing the non-Muslim Christian communities for pork, to know that Islamization is on full course.

      It all began with the death of the great Kemal Attaturk.

  4. Hi, so would I be right to assume then that you are currently residing in Turkey?

    As for the ‘Islamic fundamentalism on the rise part’, I reckon (and most ppl as well) that this could be perceived as partly true in terms of ppl voting for the AKP party. But you must not forget that this is merely because they increased the economy since they were in power so most ppl will think of their pockets instead of their ideals in this case. But like it is in every country, this will change sooner or later and the opposition (CHP) will take the power again.

    The headscarfs… Well, if you’re bothered by them at all than I advise you at least not to count them :p…. It really depends on where you are though, some places are crammed with headscarfs and some places lack them completely…but I would say 90% or even more places are mixed. Also in terms of ethnicity, language, culture, etc. etc.

    The ones that are depicted on that picture above are defenitely the ‘Grey Wolves’, our national shame if you ask me..And must be said, they are more obsessed with race then with religion,(–>I can’t deside what’s worse). They are the very core of the problem, or the majority anyways, it’s what they stand for: race. But believe me, ppl do oppose! Maybe not nesseceraly becaus they are antisemitic (as there are so few jewish ppl in Turkey) but overall because of what they represent, they are racist and facist so many ppl hate them and do protest against them,… Whenever Alevis protest it is because of ppl like the Grey Wolves so it might seem as though there is no resistence at all but when ppl do protest, they really protest against the whole thing you see, against headscarfs, the Grey Wolves… and this includes racism as well against minorities!

    Don’t be worried about the ‘rise in fundamentalism’, the Turkish Army keeps a close eye on them and if it may be of any reinsurance at all: jews everywhere in the world, no matter how few do excell in every branch of life, it being politics, arts, media, science and….the army.

    Oh well, racism in all its forms can really annoy you if you let it to… You have dedicated a whole website to this religion-issue but my advise to you, if I may, is that you should let it go… Not meaning that you should be indifferent and be silenced or anything but life is too short to be bothered about every sinlge thing…. You just seem a bit obsessed by it and its a pity you are becauce life is short and you are not worth feeling sad over these idiots at all. Idiocy was always there and will be for a long time after we both are long gone so just focus on your own happiness rather then these mindless fools.


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