Costs of Mass Immigration UK


[The number of people in Britain shot up by more than three million under 13 years of Labour government. Around 70 per cent of the increase was due to immigration – either directly through new arrivals or their children.]

This is the legacy of multi-culturalism which hinges on mass immigration and the balkanization of society, just like the socialists want it. Divide and rule by race politics, which is pretty much the way their socialist cousins, the national socialists and fascists, would rule as well …but in reverse. KGS

Britain will struggle to handle ‘catastrophic’ population growth unless changes are made

Britain will struggle to handle ‘catastrophic’ population growth in future unless urgent action is taken, a report has warned.
The predicted increase to 70million by 2029 will put unsustainable pressure on housing, schools and hospitals as well as natural resources such as food and water, experts said.
Current trends will see a city the size of Bristol added to the population of the UK every year for the next two decades.

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  1. Great report! Never mind the resources most of the new arrivals get on and stay on the dole, bankrupting the state, What fools they are to put up with this crap from their sell out government officials.

  2. I agree, and the reason why people put up with this crap is that they've been lulled into being sheep, that's what a soft tyranny does to the people.

    Socialism has stripped the individual of their sense of reason and rational thinking.

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