Mega-Mosque NYC Pamela Geller


Muslims could care less about how much offense and disrespect they dish out to Jews, Christians and others, the leader of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu is a prime example of this, when he said that only non-Muslims could be anti-Semitic, never a Muslim.
So good for Pamela Geller in getting a word in edgewise with thei taqiyya spewing Mohammedan, who could carfe less for the sensibilities of tehe non-Muslim, why would anyone expect anything different from a supremacist ideology/religion anyways, it’s who they are.  KGS

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  1. every fighting age muslem male should be considered a valid military target.

    every coalition soldier that is attacked and especially if they lose their life, should be repatriated with the simultaneous destruction of one mosque.

    it should be said with self-contempt and loathing, i am a believer in the word of allah, or the teachings of his prophet mohamed…

    islam is a filthy word, and muslem followers of this cult should be ashamed every time they recite the salat…

    لن استسلم‎
    lan astaslem!
    I will not surrender/I will not submit!

  2. While I agree with most of what you say, you can't go around threatening people who are not engaged in violence.

    The stealth jihadis can be taken care of with tightening of laws and applying public resolve, while the actively violent jihadis taken care of militarily and through law enforcement.

    Please don't advocate violence against people who are not engaged in violence themselves. I do agree however Muslims do pose a threat when viewed historically.

  3. fair enough, but i would prefer the proactive solution as opposed to the one that would see us on our knees 5 times a day…

    or losing our heads over our multiculti beliefs…

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