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The Tundra Tabloids is excited about Dennis Mitzner’s breaking into the English speaking blogosphere and in the internet in general. His contibution in bringing valid and reasoned debate on Israel, Islam and the Middle East in general, is desperately needed and greatly appreciated. KGS

PAJAMAS MEDIA: European Progressives, Islamists: More Alike Than We Think?

By Dennis Mitzner

During Ramadan’s conquest of the hearts and minds of European elites no one has raised concerns over his notorious double standards. Ramadan is a relativist as long as Muslims are excluded from the realm of relativism. Ramadan defends free speech as long as it does not offend the sensitivities of Muslims. He advocates women’s rights as long as they accord with the Koran. He supports every nation’s right to self-determination as long as that nation isn’t Israel.
The left is not troubled by his stance on women’s rights, gay rights, and freedom of speech. The only issue that truly riles them up is one’s religiosity.
However, since the left views Muslims as part of their struggle against Western hegemony, they are given a pass on their religiosity. Islam does not threaten the left in the same fashion as Judaism and Christianity. They look at Christians and Jews and see wealth; they look at Muslims and see poverty. It is common knowledge that the left is comprised of Marxists or Marxist-sympathizers, so viewing the world through a prism of one’s economic status is perfectly logical.
I happened to walk by an anti-Israel demonstration in Helsinki the other day. In the crowds I saw flags of Turkey, Palestine, and Hezbollah, all waving in the air in complete harmony. How is it that Turks, the lonely throne bearers of Muslim secularism, are comfortable with those who support the subjugation of women, the killing of Jewsm and the destruction of the Western liberal order? Among the angry crowds and waving flags I saw ethnic Finns standing next to those who would transform Finland into a society which would not permit such expressions of freedom as public demonstrations.
How can this be explained? Perhaps it is the Marxism that draws the political left to the Islamists and the usefulness of the political left that draws Islamists to the Marxists. However, there must be something deeper behind their collective fury. Maybe it’s anti-Semitism or maybe it’s something else.

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