anti-Semitism Helen Thomas


Helen Thomas: I was really thinking
“Jews back to the ovens of Poland and Germany”.

What a disgusting waste of space, and she in fact represents the media at large. When you see Helen Thomas, just think “main stream media.

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  1. Does Helen Thomas know that almost 1/2 of Israelis are descendants of Jews who were forced to flee ARAB lands? Would she EVER acknowledge that fact?

    Are the Jews supposed to go back to Arab countries too? If they did and built homes there, would that be "occupied" too?

  2. Do you know what's particularly sickening about her statement? Helen Thomas is old enough to remember the Holocaust.

    Think about that!

    The woman was 25 years old when the Allies liberated the death camps. In spite of all the unimaginable cruelty inflicted upon the Jewish people, Helen Thomas still hates Jews and incites hatred for Jews.

    Man! That's LOW!

  3. Unfortunately, Helen Thomas of Lebanese extraction is probably Maronite Christian. All the Maronites I've met in my life have been anti-Israel. Shame since Hezbullah (a Muslim organization for those that don't know) dominates Lebanon and I would think the Maronites would be Israel's natural ally. Not since the early 80s.

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