Gaza Flotilla Henning Mankell


“I think we should use the experience of South Africa, where we know that the sanctions had a great impact. It took time, but they had an impact,” Mankell told the British newspaper. He denied there had been any weapons aboard the aid ships. “I can promise there was not a single weapon aboard the ships,” he told a reporter who was returning to Sweden with him after the writer had been deported by Israel.

Mankell is a lying toad:

While Obama, the Euros as well as the Turks (and ilk) call, no, demand an independent inquiry into the commando operation, the real culprit, Turkey laughs. Everyone knows what this is all about, but choose nonetheless to target Israel. Obama is making the world, to be exact, Israel, an endangered species right now with his placating of the Muslim world.
Turkey is realigning itself as the power broker in the ME, and this whole Flotilla of the Huns is nothing more than a wedge to give themselves more clout with the Arab street. This is what’s going on, and stooge politicians like Finland’s PM Matti Vanhanen and other Euro politicians are just helping the Turks along with their plans. KGS

NOTE: Obama sent his condolences to the Turkish Prime Minister who is the provocateur of the whole incident, in his aim to become the new Nasser of the ME. Sickening.

NOTE: Thanks to Marc Levin radio talk show for some damn good talking points.

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