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The international media, and Finnish media in particular, are in a real feeding frenzy over the cunning, joint Turkish and far-Leftist cabal, in creating this crisis. The far-Left, having aligned itself with the radical Turkish Muslim extremist groups like the IHH and the Turkish mosque association, Milli Görüs, have helped shape the current discourse over Israel with their blatantly overt agenda to deligitimize Israel on the international scene.
Using the Israeli (and Egyptian) Gaza blockade as a cover, this cabal of radical Leftists and radical Muslims correctly assumed that a combination of small, but deadly violence and willingly blind and gullible anti-Israel media will create a firestorm of negative media for the Jewish state. The evidence is there, the videos already posted on the Tundra Tabloids proves that they were waiting for a fight, this was to be anything but non-violent.
The Finnish media predictably continues to regurgitate all the talking points of the cabal, Finnish TV MTV3’s Kari Lumikerho in this morning broadcast repeated it all, that this was a ship of “humanitarians”, that it was illegal to intercept it in international waters, and that there were no violence on the part of the “aid activists”. It’s all a lie. The information is there if the media really looked for it, the wrist rocket sling shots with glass marbles, the umpteenth number of knives, the steel pipes, fire bombs, and the waiting mob with all of it hand as the soldiers descended down the ropes.
No one is asking why “peace activists” had these deadly materials on board, why they didn’t allow their loads to be taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod, to be then transported to Gaza, nor any mention of the hundreds of trucks passing into Gaza on a daily basis with all sorts of necessities. No one’s talking about the expensive restaurants and night clubs booming in the area nor of the expensive Olympic size swimming pool nor that Gazans rank 8th (male) and 3rd (female) internationally, for their obesity.
The fix is in, with the politicians and the media being the lap poodles of this clever, but highly dangerous cabal of radical Leftists and Turkish Muslims. That’s the real story here, not the takeover of a ship with a mixture of well intentioned/ill-intenioned European dopes, but the very well planned, deadly greeting party, by these “activists” who are in league with Hamas and Islamic radicals elsewhere. They wanted a confrontation and got it. KGS
Why not report on this, those of you in the Finnish media, on the fancy restuarants sprouting up in starving Gaza? You bunch of biased, terror supporting hypocrites.

NOTE: Listed amongst the cargo that was/is heading for Gaza in the hold of the “Flotilla of the Huns”, are 100 electric scooters. One might ask why raise an eyebrow over that? The electric scooter’s motor would be of prime use for Hamas’ tunnel diggers getting dirt and contraband in and out of the tunnels quicker, as well as having applications in the Kassem rocket machine shop industry.

Hopefully the IDF took notice of that and confiscated them.

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