Gaza Flotilla


An Israeli commando who just came down a rope was being beaten by an “activist” with a metal pipe. This scene was taken from a video at the Finnish state broadcasting YLE news site
The Israeli Navy addresses a ship nearing the Gaza shore , offering it to dock at the Ashdod Port and transfer its supplies under the ship’s crew’s supervision. The ship refused to comply.

YNET: “Major Avital Leibovitz of the army’s Foreign Press Branch told the reporters, “It was a planned lynch against IDF soldiers. They did not plan to enter a violent clash with the passengers, and unfortunately the passengers chose violence and used knives, spikes and even opened fire at the soldiers and snatched weapons.  “This is not a human rights organization. I know no human rights organization which uses such means.”
Exactly, they weren’t a human rights group, just a bunch of genocide supporters. Ynet has the same footage of the attack on the IDF soldiers who were promised a non-violent reception if they boarded. KGS

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  1. It is INTERNATIONAL WATER… Israeli are out of their jurisdiction. If Somali pirate ask your ship to anchor and go to their land.. you will not comply.. same here.

  2. So what, they planned to enter Israeli waters in any respect, so now we have only your word that is was in international waters, though the whole idea was to get breach them in order to get to Gaza.

    Great logic nit wit.

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