Danny Danon: they were looking for a fight.

UPDATE: Video of Israeli IDF soldier being thrown off of ship:

TINSC comments to another TT post, but I choose to publish here.

TINSC:”The only ones who care about this are the Israelis. Nobody else does!
If you see a sign that says: “MINE FIELD! DO NOT ENTER!”, do you walk right into it?
The flotilla was warned. They were offered an alternative. They walked into a mine field and my only regret is that the Israelis didn’t just send the whole thing to the bottom of the Mediterranean.
I hear the Turks are all in a huff. Maybe the Turks can show us how to be kind and gentle to the Kurds. Eh?
Americans are celebrating Memorial Day. Our big concern is whether the whole Gulf of Mexico will be poisoned from Saudi Arabia’s petrochemical partners (aka BP). As we recall the fallen in the war on Islamic terror, I’m not seeing a whole lot of sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood and Gaza.
Nope! This hasn’t seemed to hit the U.S. News Media YET. Unfortunately, as you know, the most leftwing elements in the news media will talk about it for the next week. They’ll want to “keep it alive” to make Israel look bad.
In the mean time, I don’t have a problem with Israel killing its enemies. I hope Israelis don’t wring their hands and anguish over this too much. I guess it’s a habit with them, but this time, nobody can say the flotilla wasn’t warned.
Let’s also remember this one other point. Right or wrong, real or imagined (mostly imagined and invented), Israel is the only country in the world who’s national sins are recommended to be remedied by permanent national destruction. To the extent you see “helpful suggestions” on how to remedy this incident, keep that in mind.”

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  1. This latest terrorist interception has brought about another round of the old anti-Semitic chorus line. "Now we REALLY hate the Jews."

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