anti-Burka Spain


Muslima: Gee Fatima, we’re one more step
to being free, they should ban Islamic misogyny next

One more strike against the freedom sack, that should be banned everwhere, meaning all public places. KGS

H/T: Gaia

Spanish town bans Burka in public buildings

The Spanish town of Lerida has become the first in the country to ban the Burka in municipal buildings.
The town council voted to prohibit the “use of the veil and other clothes and accessories which cover the face and prevent identification in buildings and installations of the town hall.”
The vote, by 23 to one with two abstentions, is the first of its kind in Spain, a country where Islamic veils and the body-covering burqas are little in evidence despite a large Muslim population.
The move is aimed at promoting “respect for the dignity of women and values of equality and tolerance,” the town hall said in a statement.

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