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The Tundra Tabloids’ good buddy over at Norway, Israel and the Jews sends the TT another juicy story about the Norwegian Maoist, Tjen Folket, (Serve the People) which has infiltrated the anti-racism group SOS Rasisme.  
The TT has reported earlier about SOS Rasisme and Tjen Folket, concerning a member that they have on their board who assualted a Polish man in a club 
According to a Dagbladet article, it appears that a company which specializes in graffiti removal is owned by some members in SOS Rasisme, who use the SOS Rasisme’s administrative offices in Haugesund as an address.  
The leader of SOS Rasime, Kjell Gunnar Larsen, is also a leader in Tjen Folket. Under the nickname of “Joe Hill”, Larsen has sent e-mails inciting youths to spraypaint political slogans and images of the “five greats”.
So the Maoists not only vandalize buildings with their sick stencils of Marx, Engles, Lenin, Stalin and Mao, they also offer a cleaning service to those who have been targeted by their graffiti, for a price of course. This is the sick world that these Marxists travel in, every one of them should spend time in jail and on a couch with a shrink taking notes. The more you dig deeper into Norway, the more unsettling the discovery. KGS
NOTE: Here a link to the Google translated article, I don’t have time geting it translated.
NOTE: NIJ blag mentions the following about Bård Eskil Frantzen, the guy I mentioned earlier about who’s a SOS Rasisme board member who assaulted a Polish immigrant. NIJ has this to say about him:
 “The violent maoist (Tjen Folket) I wrote you about earlier is named Bård Eskil Frantzen. Frantzen has called the comedian Harald Eia a “bully” and a nazoid racist, after the sociology-trained comedian Eia wrote the book “Hjernevask” (Brainwashed) on the nature and nurture debate. Which is sort of ironic, seeing as Eia is a philosemite and Frantzen is the man with the established record of continuing to bottle people even after he has beat them to the ground.

UPDATE: Fjordman mentions to the TT that “They’re Stalinists, actually, literally, they have a big photo of Stalin on their website.

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