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Kurt Westergaard: There is always
a price to pay, but it’s worth it
A Finnish computer science student and three other persons who participated in Facebook’s “Everybody Draw Mohamed Day” became the target of a slander video by someone upset about the Facebook campaign. The four were alleged by the maker of the video uploaded to You Tube, to be pedophiles who had sent vile messages to under age girls.
The four had their facebook pictures copied and placed in the You Tube video, and only found out about it after relatives had been linked to on Facebook. This of course crosses the line from freedom of speech to open slander, a crime punishable in a court of law, something many Muslims fail to understand. This is the first time to my knowledge, than such an attack like this has been waged against anyone connected to the Draw Mo campaign. KGS

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Muhammad-cartoon group participation led to the false pedophile charges – Google played it down

A Finnish student was shocked in discovering a YouTube video in which he allegedly sent sexual messages to under age girls over the Internet.
The video showed photographs of the Finnish student and three other persons who had their Facebook profiles scopied. The video told of the student, in poor English, the he had sent sexually suggestive messages to underage girls. The other persons where were not Finnish.
“The video alleged that I had been video maker’s former boyfriend and she had caught me caught in the act sending rude messages to under age girld says computer science student. “Other people in the video were supposedly involved in the so-called” pedophile circle ‘, in which I was also involved.”
The common factor throughout the video was the insulting of those for their participation in Everybody draw Mohammed-day event on Facebook. “I attended the Facebook group’s activities by downloading my version of the Prophet Mohammed. I also participated in the discussion group, but I do not see any way that my participation was particularly provocative,” he says.
The victim of slander became aware of the video, when the author was linked to his relatives. The student immediately after viewing the video, made a criminal complaint.
He also left a complaint to YouTube’s owner Google about the inappropriate video content.
Google played it down
The case also raises questions about liability of Google’s operators. The video was on YouTube from Saturday morning to Monday evening though there were several complaints about the video’s inappropriate content, to the administrators by several different persons.
Late Monday afternoon, the video was removed.
According to the student, Google’s customer service had a dismissive attitude. According to him, Google responded to requests for removal in the following:
In compliance with your wishes, we have reviewed the contents specified but we can not decide whether that content to be clearly defamatory in accordance with applicable laws. Since we can not resolve whether the data sent in the dispute is correct, we will not remove the content due to claims of defamation. In international defamation complaints, we rely on judicial bodies who are able to ascertain accuracy of the information. Therefore, we recommend that your claim of any defamation related content be sent directly to the person who sent it. You can contact the user in question on YouTube’s private messages. It is clear that YouTube respects the decision against the sender and will remove infringing content quickly, if required by court order.
On Monday afternoon however, the video was removed from the Internet.

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  1. Funny that, when muslims have been offended, Google have jumped but when they are the offender…not so quick. Muhammed himself was a kiddy fiddler so why are they doing this?

  2. Hi Jan, it would appear that the situation is exactly as you depict it. Spot on analysis in my opinion. KGS

  3. "Their is no fun in Islam". The inability of so many Muslims to take a joke would be funny if it were not so dangerous.

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