Stieg Larsson: All the proceeds from my
crappy books go into funding Marxism

Here’s a good reason for people not to buy Stieg Larsson’s books, his estate, which means any or all money generated from the sales of his books, will go to the funding of communist orientated/connected organizations like the Swedish Communist Workers League and EXPO.
The New York Slimes writes a  lengthy piece on the late Larsson, a radical Marxist Leftist and graphic designer for Tidningarnas Telegrambyra, or T.T., and by all accounts, early on, had a real crappy writing style as did Obama, but somehow “managed to overcome it all” to produce top sellers internationally. (The TT suspects that they both had serious help).

From Reinhard: “Stieg Larsson, founder of Expo and writer of bad detective novels, left a last will and testament before leaving for Eritrea to fight for the leftist guerrilla EPLF, as reported by Swedish MSM.  I haven’t researched the matter, but I would assume that the proceeds of Larsson’s books go in part to Expo.
There was some form of “Stieg Larsson award” shortly after he died, the first recipient was Expo, a magazine founded by a guy who helped the leftist guerillas in Eritrea. The guy taught the guerillas to use grenade launchers.
The fun thing is that one Dawit Isaak, a journalist imprisoned in Eritrea, is a Swedish citizen, and thus one of “our” most prominent examples of jailed journalists. There are regular campaigns for his release etc.. The same organization (EPLF) which has jailed Isaak today, is the one Stieg Larsson helped.
The EPLF were reformed as the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice, who are now in control of Eritrea. But at least the militant Marxist isn’t alive to cash in on his fame. Imagine the damage he could do if he were a millionaire and still worked for Expo.”

EXPO is a Left-wing organization that has acheived a status of “leftist sainthood” in sweden, that is devoted to watching out for the activities of Fascistic and Nazi parties domestically and internationally. Here is what Fjordman over at the Gates of Vienna had to say about EXPO:

“It’s good that Expo worries about political parties with ties to Nazi and Fascist movements. Are they also going to mention that arguably the one party with the closest historical ties to Fascist and Nazi regimes is the Social Democratic Party, the dominant party in Sweden for the past 80 years?”


“One of the co-founders of Expo, Tobias Hübinette, wrote in 1996: “To feel and even think that the white race is inferior in every conceivable way is natural with regards to its history and current actions. Let the Western countries of the white race perish in blood and suffering. Long live the multicultural, racially mixed and classless ecological society! Long live anarchy!”
According to his own CV, Tobias Hübinette worked for Expo until at least 1997. In other words, he continued doing research for this “anti-racist” organization after having publicly advocated the extermination of the white race and the violent destruction of an entire civilization. During this time period he did research about “racists”. He has openly defended the use of violence for political reasons, even against children and the elderly, and has been convicted of violence. Hübinette has continued promoting “Multiculturalism,” even received awards, and is currently working for the The Multicultural Centre of Botkyrka, Sweden.
The founder and editor of Expo magazine from 1995 until his death in November 2004, Stieg Larsson, worked with Hübinette for years, but was apparently never negatively affected by this collaboration with a person calling for genocide against his people. Larsson has been cited as a credible source regarding the extreme Right, and Expo’s material has been reprinted by leading the newspapers Expressen and Aftonbladet. Larsson left behind three unpublished thrillers, which have proceeded to become major bestsellers in Sweden after his death.”

Everyone every where should avoid and abhor anything to do with Marxist communism and Nationalist socialism and socialism in general. That means not purchasing their merchandise nor accepting the notion that “they have a valid point of view”.
The best thing that people can do everwhere, is to reject socialism in every form and promote a limted style of governement based on the rights of the individual and free market capitalism. KGS

has a post (in Swedish) about a release party for Expo’s latest book; several convicted criminals on the extreme left were present at the party.

NOTE: Umeå being the most prominent home of the extreme left in Sweden, along with Malmö and Gothenburg.