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So the former ruling Labour Party in the UK turned a deaf ear to voters’ concerns over mass immigration, now that they’re out of power the ditry secrets are coming up from the cracks. Hopefully the voters will be watching like hawks to what the present ruling government is doing in regards to mass immigration as well, becuase both men holding the top spots don’t look as promising as did Brown where appeasing Islam in concerned. KGS

Labour ‘tried to stifle debate on immigration’

Andy Burnham yesterday became the latest candidate in the Labour leadership battle to admit that his party had ignored voters’ concerns about immigration.

The former health secretary said their worries over the influx of migrants had, for him, been the biggest issue at the General Election.

During the campaign, Labour ministers tried to silence the immigration debate.

The party made little mention of it in its manifesto and Gordon Brown denounced Labour supporting grandmother Gillian Duffy as a ‘bigot’ when she mentioned her concerns.

Former home secretary David Blunkett yesterday endorsed Mr Burnham in the race to succeed Mr Brown.

Mr Burnham said: ‘I think our problem on immigration – and it was for me anyway clearly the biggest issue at the election – was the sense that we weren’t talking about it, so that some people felt we were either in denial or just didn’t want to talk about it.’

He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that there were some parts of the country that had changed very rapidly. Labour should have been addressing those concerns ‘other-wise we leave a vacuum and those with more sinister intentions come in and whip up fear and hatred’.

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  1. I can forgive Labour the damage it has done to Education, industry, infrastructure, defence, etc, but they should never be forgotten or forgiven for the harm they have done Britain by allowing millions unassimilable people, whose religion poses an existential threat to us, to settle here. This will, in the fullness of time, lead to a civil war in the UK. Britain will not be an exception to what has happened everywhere else. In fact, the civil war has already started.

    Labour is trying to redeem itself over Iraq, and now immigration, but this is just a trick, on the cynical calculation that people have short memories.

  2. All points well taken. Just remember DP111, all those areas they've (Labour) destroyed lead to the situation Britain now faces.

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