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From the desk of the Gates of Vienna comes this delicious report about the celebrity of a humble public servant who desires neither fame or celebrity, but that is what’s happening due to a video on You Tube taken at Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer’s Freedom Defense Initiative event that went viral thanks to Vlad. The man is now having to deal with supporters of his cause in far away lands. Nice huh? KGS

 Baron Bodissey: LTC (ret.) Allen West is currently running for Congress in Florida’s 22nd District. One would expect his campaign to be a fairly parochial affair, without much resonance outside of his own district, or at most the state of Florida.

Col. West’s fame, however, has spread virally via YouTube and other online video sites. His eloquence and knowledge of the issues — which include the blatant socialism of our federal government, the menace of illegal immigration, the fiscal profligacy of our leadership, and the growing danger from Islam — have made people throughout the country wish they could vote for him.

And not just in the United States. Allen West’s reputation has drawn attention abroad, especially in the most Islamized areas of Europe. For a couple of months after his February appearance at FDI, videos of his inspirational speech with foreign-language subtitles were available, and viewers from Portugal to Russia became aware of his staunch position vis-à-vis Islam.

Now we can be certain that the Danes were paying attention: a prominent Danish writer has written a tribute to Col. West.
Our Danish correspondent TB has kindly translated the piece for Gates of Vienna, and includes this introduction:

Morten U. Jensen’s post about Col. Allen West was published in Jyllands-Posten, Denmark’s biggest newspaper, on May 20. Mr. Jensen writes a lot of commentary, and is a well known debater in Denmark. His latest book was about the influence of Muslim immigration on the free Danish society. It was called A Divided People, referring to the devastating influence of the Islamic influx in Denmark. The book has been read by many high-ranking politicians and leaders.

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