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Somalia terror suspect remanded

A 23-year old man suspected of planning terror attacks in Somalia has been remanded in custody by Gothenburg District Court.
The man, who is of Somali origin, is charged with conspiracy to commit acts of terror.
The man’s mother told Göteborgs-Posten that her son had been in Somalia for about a year, together with his wife and their young child. He was arrested on Tuesday and has been held in custody since then.
Sweden’s security police, Säpo, revealed several months ago that around 10 people from Sweden were believed to be at terrorist training camps in Somalia, or were otherwise involved in terrorism in the war-torn African country. ‘A handful’ of Swedish passport holders had also been found dead following battles in the country.
Most of the Swedes involved in Somali terrorist activities are believed to have been members of al-Shabab, an organization with links to al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. A recruitment film called ‘At your Service, Osama,’ was released in Kenya last year and showed images from battles in Mogadishu.

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