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Now here’s an interesting tale, the EDL gathers for a meeting in Bristol and the opposition show up with the EDL aksing them to sit down and have a chat. The “anti-Fascists” UAF/SWP call the police to the area, and only manage to encourage a friendly bantering between EDL and the police, who were actually forced to waste their time on a non event. EDL has it all here.

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English Defence League Bristol Meeting On 21 May Goes Ahead Despite Attempts At Disruption

EDL Bristol Division had a meeting on Friday 21 May, the following is an account from an EDL supporter about what happened:

As me and my girlfriend turned the corner to the pub we saw two police vans outside the pub, we looked at each other and she said “don’t panic the EDL are here” which is becoming a favourite phrase between us, we rounded the final corner and couldn’t help laughing when we saw our fellow EDL members having a chat with several police officers.

We went into the pub to get our drinks and there were signs on the bar that read “due to unforeseen circumstances the management have decided to close the pub tonight” we went outside to join our EDL friends and were informed that the UAF/SWP had made phone calls threatening to firebomb the pub if our meeting went ahead and they have the cheek to call us violent!

I apologise to the people who had their meals cancelled due to this but will state here and now that we had no intention of causing people disruption with our meeting, this disruption is the responsibility of the unholy alliance that goes under the names UAF & SWP!

We simply moved on to another pub and our meeting went ahead. About 5-10 minutes into the meeting a couple of lads who had followed us from the other pub moved close to our group to try and overhear what we had to say, instead of getting lairy with them we surprised them by inviting them into the meeting, we answered their questions in a calm civilised manner, this really took the wind out of their sails, after about an hour one of their group who had stayed away from us with two others approached the person I was talking with and whispered into his ear but he simply responded with “no, i’m staying here, we’re having a good conversation” the person who had interrupted looked extremely unhappy about this.

After the meeting a few of us stayed in the pub for some more pints and as I’d had a few and was in a very happy, patriotic mood I pulled out my England flag for all to see, a few minutes later a police van pulled up, one officer entered the pub, had a chat with our group leader, and then promptly left.

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